Pitter Patter Cookies

Pitter Patter cookies used to be one of my favorite after-school snacks. Here is a photo of a package of these cookies, which were made by Keebler.

Pitter Patter cookies were sandwich cookies filled with peanut butter creme. The cookies themselves were crunchy and made with oats. I liked to take them apart, eat one of the hard cookies, and then eat the remaining one with the peanut butter creme.

These were similar to Do-Si-Dos, the Girl Scout version of a peanut butter sandwich cookie. The main difference was that Pitter Patters were much harder and crunchier, whereas Do-Si-Dos tend to be crumbly and somewhat easier on the teeth.

Prontos Chips

In the mid-1970s, Frito Lay mailed out samples of Prontos chips in little boxes, and they were really good. I found a reference to the commercial from 1976.

Prontos were similar to the Sun Chips that are available now; they had the same shape, and I'm pretty sure they were also multigrain chips. They were very salty, and if I remember correctly, they were thicker and crunchier than Sun Chips. When looking up this product, I found that some people say they tasted like bacon. I never noticed that, so I can't say one way or the other, although I doubt I would have liked them if they had. I do like bacon but tend not to like meat-flavored products.

I like Sun Chips but would really like to see Prontos being manufactured again.

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