Dewey Stevens Wine Coolers

Am I the only one who remembers Dewey Stevens wine coolers?

These were around back when Seagrams and Bartles & Jaymes still made wine coolers, as opposed to the flavored malt beverages they mostly make now. Even though people still refer to them as "wine coolers," most of the ones made today don't contain wine.

Anyway, Dewey Stevens wine coolers were good. I'm pretty sure that the flavor was passionfruit, but I can't find any proof of that. In fact, I can't find much information about them at all.

Made by Anheuser-Busch, these coolers were billed as a lighter alternative to traditional wine coolers, and they had 1/3 fewer calories. The commercial even depicted women working out at the gym.

I thought Dewey Stevens wine coolers were great. They were sweet, but not overly so--very refreshing. As I recall, they weren't around long.

Port Charles

On October 3, 2003, the final episode of Port Charles aired on ABC. After that, SOAPnet aired reruns of the arcs, which had begun in December 2000, but there were never any new episodes.

Port Charles is my favorite soap opera of all time. I didn't intend to get into it, nor did I watch it from the beginning. I wasn't interested in General Hospital, so why would I watch a spin-off?

I'm so glad I did. By the time I tuned in, most references to the other show had stopped. GH was simply the hospital where several of the characters worked. Sure, some of the characters had started out on General Hospital, but there was no need to keep up with both shows if you didn't want to.

Port Charles was special. It was a little show that was packed with talent, adventure, drama, comic relief, and so much more. I loved the supernatural aspect, especially the introduction of Caleb Morley, PC's hottest vampire.

Port Charles has been gone for seven years now. I still miss it.

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